Friday, May 23, 2008

Wuoh Ho! Im congratulated by NAFA in my successful application to diploma in fashion merchandising and marketing!!Just recieved my acceptance form..but the letter came way too late in my hands..because my family just have this problem..loves to procrastinate when it comes to opening letter box!!The letter was sent on 8May and guess what?I just got it the day before and the deadline to make my $535 deposit was 16May!!!God!!Today is 23 May already!!How? How? How?Called the office today but no-birdy answer to my emergency call!!? Will be making a trip down tml..I will plead and cry and do whatever it takes if they don't accept my late payment..PHFM...

things to bring tml:
1. Money of course (Headache..BIG BIG problem..*ahem*i have my way..;)
2. Letter of offer (Check!)
3. Acceptance Form (Check!)
4. Tuition Grant Application Form (V Impt)
5. Original and photocopy of IC and GCE result slip (not ready..photocopy tml la..and..I don't have IC..)
6. Photocopy of the CPF application (not using CPF, reason why?Father CPF: 0.64 cents , mine CPF: Insufficient amt)
7. Standing Order Form for use of PSEA (What's that??)
8. photocopy of parent's IC if student is below 21 years old (Im lao student can...)
9. 2 recent passport-size colour photographs..(Ehem....tml..)

Good nite..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

p's graduation DAy!The day we all have been waiting for.From the first day of poly to the day you graduated and now our nation soldier..I hope to witness your every success..So proud of you!!
Looking cute in the over-sized gown...

Did i mention that you still look cute even with the distinct bruises on your face..My poor girl had a terrible fall on Mon..flew off her bicycle and landed on her face..all because of the stupid tree roots which grew on the road..and that was the first time i saw p falls right in front of me.Heart pain.. I tot this kind of thing only happen to me lo..Anyway it was so bad that she laid motionless on the grass field(only part of her body which landed on the concrete was her FACE!!Damn..) calling out to her so many times, with no response, i really tot she fainted!! But i think through her willpower and my endless calling, she managed to lift up her face..and i was like 'o better don't be disfigured' when i saw her bloody face..Thank God..her injuries wasn't severe, and i kept telling her how fortunate she was...At least more fortunate than those victims in China where concretes landed on their face and not vice versa..

The birth of the first artist in my family..Ha!Baby sis did a great job on sat and photo shoot session was fun..Ah gogo queen and icy blue make-up was damn cool..Bridal make-up on wynny..sweet..Long tiring day..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Check Out!!
Mother's Day..Special day for my special one..Went to the beach!!Yea..Seen my mummy in bikini for the first hip right my mummy..Ha..Best Mother's day celebration ever..without my D.Opps..

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rem the day we went to Haw Par villa..Very late pictures i know..Ha..Happened to pop by the very O Biang place..since admission is free why not just check it out..Ha..O well..I really regretted going..there's really nothing interesting in there and the scorching sun almost killed me..for more pics--> really hate the place so im not going to post much bad..