Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another weekend with pea..Can't imagine we're Ikea's food addict. Went yest and today!..I have to say dining at Ikea over the weekend is a challenge. You will definitely find yourself desperately looking for a vacant table among the congested crowd. Then it's the endless queue for food, drink and payment..reason why?The food are simply awesome!!

See the amt of movies we've watched!!Added up to almost 100bucks!!(Excluding popcorns..yea..) time to stop!!Ha..Wanted is the best so far..and AJ's so hot!!

Sizzling Hot..

Dun be're still the hottest..Ha...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Im so bored at work..tired...tml..J8...I want to hit my commission every work day..Hard earn money goes to my sch fee, phone bills, braces, transportation,food....and more food!!Stress! Luckily i still have you...Miss...Can't wait for thurs..
Im gotta miss you...Ah....

I know...too bored at work..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcoming Baby Wu Jing!!! Little Angel can't wait to see the world and hear us sing!!Sweet...Unexpected early greeting!!
DOB: 23 June 2008
Mummy: Angeline
Auntie: Diana
Aunties wannabe: Pea, Kai, Von, Irmah

The other day we just went to visit mummy Angeline...Even sang to her heavily pregnant tummy...
Had dinner together and visited her new place..

While waiting for Miss V..


Look who's HERE!!



First thing to do!"Take picture!take picture!"

Hungry Von's having gd appetite that day!!Take out her teeny tupperware to eat!!Claiming that it's her lunch.. You will be surprise to see wat's in the ware..

Come on..Come us...
RABBIT'S FOOD!! Content:Raw baby carrots, Raw cherry tomatoes, Olives and baby sausages!!!
Ha!...So cute that your daily lunch??Im seeing bunny's tooth growing..Ha..

Doesn't look appetizing,but healthy!!Impt healthy living tips for ya!

Reluctantly..she offered a piece..Hungry Bunny..
Wushu Finger..Tell you what she had for dinner...pepper lunch steak rice, 3 pieces ya kun's toasts, Mr bean chocolate pancake, Cheese pancake and she ta bao-ed parsa malam's taiwan's sausage and seaweed chicken!!!!Nobody has ever seen her eat so much!!
eerie night editing,no camera tricks...who's playing with us?

Freaky Love..

Friday, June 20, 2008

So pissed can i even work with this girl? quarrelled even before we actually worked together.. Go ahead and complain about me to your boss..I don't give a want your sale, you want to be the work for it, don't come and accuse ppl for stealing your sale..damn..I'm so angry..

i really think i spread the bacteria to you..sorry..I will pray for you...and your love ones..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pea took leave today..Collected passport..Surprised me with movie tickets..Went Manhanttan Fish Market for lunch at PS..Then movie..=>


PLatter for 2..I still prefer Fish and Co's


Bear bear molester!!

Erm..snow white?Nah Ah...

Bubble bee HAts..

Police and thief...Bang!Bang!!
Im gotta catch cha!!

If you dun date me..Ha..

Pirates of the COconut Beans!!!!

Argh!!!Don't mess with the beans!!

"Cowgal" and Captain PWW

Hungry Captain

Why your eyes like that?!!I din edit it!I think there's a green creature inside you!

Buying our remedies before the show..

While waiting for the show to start..The camera continue on CLick! CliCk!CLicK!

NICE movie..GET SMART. I love Anna Hathaway!!Pretty!