Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I realised shopping can be so tiring..but i enjoyed every bit preparing you for your first day of work..from yesterday Tampines Mall to today Bugis and Suntec..Let me see what have you got..Tops,Shoes,Cardigan and bot so much but i doubt you like any of them except for the hat la..Ha..Im so tired..

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Father's stall's closing tml..Im actually very sad abt it..It's like ever since im born, my parents has been working there..The closure makes me quite depress and scared..Still remember my primary school days, me and my sis will always head down religiously every school holiday to help out.It can be serving customers, peeling prawns, folding boxers(those very old school, 3D cardboards), giving wrong change to customers, dropping utensils clumsily, or even pinching food from the ingredient plates, we nv fail to put a smile on our parents' face no matter how clumsy or irritating we were, they love our help out and the only time they could spend quality time with us..Our most enjoyable time will be washing plates cos at the same time we'll play with water and dip our tiny hands into the gigantic metal pills, splashing water at each other..Those days were great! Eventually we grew up and the times we go down became countable too due to work and our laziness...But still,our parents' smiles nv fail to greet us each time we visit their stall..I will miss those badly..

Tml pea's going for her final interview..I will pray hard for you dear..Then we'll eat Takaya buffet again!!yea!I can't wait for saturday too!!

Remind me to pay my Hp bill..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Met up with Tiff and Ter yest..the 2 forever super hyper Ts..I was greeted with 2 pieces of sugar-free chocolates from pea upon my in not the chocolates..Ha..Then acc Ter to check out her free trail at California Fitness, which turned into an embarrassing situation..obviously nobody wants to join and it's a drag having to listen his (Fitness consultant)whole club introductions and packages (with Tiff falling asleep, Ter thinking abt her dinner and me staring into space..)..only pea entertaining him all the time (but their conversation are more like an argument) ..rejection is cruel but once bitten twice shy..Im not going to repeat my mistaken after a lesson learnt from True Yoga..Anyway nobody joined in the end..leaving Ricky in disappointment and us, in embarrassment..Ha..

When Takaya for dinner.. and i want to go again!!like soon baby!

Im so into macarons nowadays!!For those who yet to sink their teeth into this pretty dessert, macaron is a dainty French cream-filled sandwich cookie which, in its best form, will fill your soul with warm, fuzzy happiness after one bite. wo~..I have tried Bakerin's Hazelnut(tastes more like coffee),Whisky(doesn't taste like whisky to me) and Canele's hazelnut(nicer than Bakerin's).I love them all!!Heard of "Picasso of Pastry" Pierre Herme? Man who redefined macarons, heard that his macarons are lusciously chewy, crisp and rich..Wan to try one day!!

His basic equation for a macaron reads like so:

1 part cookie [ground almonds + egg white + sugar] +
1 part filling [buttercream, ganache, jam] +
1 part cookie [ground almonds + egg white + sugar] =
1 complete macaron [happiness!!]

Flavours i want to try:
almond ,apricot, blackcurrant,Banana and cream, caramel,cinnamon, coconut,Chestnut coffee,Dark chocolate, fig, lemon,Matcha, orange, pistachio,Passion fruit, raspberry, rose Strawberry,truffle, vanilla, violet, walnut.
Cheese?Red Bean?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Went for my NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) entrance test yesterday..First i was caught in a stupid massive jam..why?why?why? Why must there be a jam when im always in a hurry..was late for half an hour..Then half way through the test my stomachache started to upset me, FYI, i get stomachache when im really nervous..but late already how can i not be nervous right? So i went to the loo 2 times..argh..time wasted..I din really have time to complete my model drawing but still manage to scribble some colours on it..but i have to say my drawing sucks! Colour abit off, model looks abit short and the face looks like a drag queen!!Ha..Anyway.. its was stated in the form that the test ends at 1pm, but i was told to put down my pen at 12.30pm.Dunno why?!.I nearly screamed!..Argh..I hope i pass..If not i will waste my 50 bucks registration fee...

Thank you for sending me there...






Boring sunday lei..



I was thinking who don't want to be driven in a nice luxurious car rather then taking public transport. Have to squeeze with smelly ppl, see weird uncle flicking and eating their pi sai (Tat's wat my sis witnessed!), and hum sup man winking at you (p's experience..)Ha..sometimes i get so irritated that i have this urge to learn driving, work and save to buy a car..Ah..or better still..somebody to drive me ard..Ha..

Till then im going to try to enjoy myself as a commuter, because sometimes its can be quite fun too, like bump into your long lost friends in the train or bus..or even this..

Yes..Sanitary Pad!! How did it ended up there?Ha..I was walking from NEL to MRT at Outram Park with my sis, then i was like..'Hey! i think i saw something..Let's walk back' To my horror i saw this above me! No wonder i haven strike 4D since suay..

KTV Lounge?No..Its 174 SBS bus!! Ha..Nice right? This is limited edition ride..The seats are leather L-shaped sofa..I wish they make all the buses' seats like that one day..Ha..

last embarrassing moment of 2007 ...WAhhaha...Roasting Duck Championship!Ha.. So hilarious Lah..We look more like some monkeys.. see how i can't even remove my hands from the handles at the end..haha..
So its not that bad after all right?...It will be fun if you're travelling with your love ones..
Ha..I still want a car thou...
Boring Sunday...
Im going to wait for you to come back...

going to find things to do now..
tml going to replace my IC at ICA..maybe rock climbing..Ha..
Wed is one of the best day! Somebody passed Napfa test..Ha..Witnessing your triumph wasn't easy..Its make me break into cold sweat, but i'm glad that finally it's over! You did so well even under the scorching sun..

For a little celebration..

Swensen's on Friday!

Smoked salmon and crispy tortilla in mixed greens with cabbage, Mega Burger- patty, ham, bacon, grilled vegetables, onions and melted cheese with a fried egg to top it off! Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw,Crispy Veggie Mix, i think the best of all will be the fiery crab gilled fish-tenderly grilled fish fillet served in chilli crab sauce completed with slices of garlic sourdough toast on the side.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleep early tonight..
We're going to celebrate tml!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My weekdays has been v fun and delectable..Nice dinner on wed at ACC, walked a few miles back...Tiring but enjoyable..especially with you always make me realise how fortunate and blessed i am..Anyway..I still didn't get you your chocolate..Ha..But im so proud of you..I know you can do it yourself even without me by your side...

From 17..

to 16.10..

and now 15.56

you've made me proud!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I lost my purse!! Fxxx! Don't ask me how i lost it..Now i have to replace all my cards..Visa, Diners, ez-link, ATM card and IC!! Damn! I heard Nicole lost her phone too but managed to retrieve it back cos she sent a threatening msg to the person who found it..Lucky girl..Can some kind soul return me my purse too?...=<..Anyway, do you know that now if you lost your IC (Touchwood), you don't need to make police report anymore? Just go straight to ICA and get it done. I made my bootless trip down to the police station hoping to block my card usage, and they told me i don't need to make any report, i was like 'are you sure?'....guess now even the police don't wish to entertain careless people like me anymore..sigh..

My sis's back..

See what she bot for me..

NIce niCe!! Dresses,tops, accessories, belts, under garments, boxers, hair bands..stocking up our wardrobe..and a pretty bottle of bambay sapphire blue dry gin..i like..

Nutritionist for a week!

O yeah..Im going to be bp nutritionist for a week, before her napfa test. She's going to eat well, sleep well and train hard!! According to most dietitians, nutritionists and obesity experts, the best diet is a balanced eating plan, low in saturated fat and refined sugar, and moderate in protein. Im not a devoted healthy eater myself but this week is crucial!

*We eat too much saturated fat. (eg. in fried or fast-food)
*We eat too much refined sugar. (eg. in regular soft drinks and processed foods)
*We eat too many white-flour foods (eg. in breads and bread snacks)
*We eat too little fiber. (eg. by eating too few fruits, vegetables and too much refined food)
In addition, our diet is heavily influenced by fast-food or quick-serve menus.

So now let's stick to low-fat, high protein diet which includes lotsa veggies, fruits, lean meat and proteins. NO junks this week!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fashion Festival!!

Went Hilton Hotel for shoes show then Taka for 2 other shows. I LOVE Francis Cheong show the best! I mean look at his designs..filled with vibrant colors and daring details.Tell me which 'tai-tai' would let all these luxurious dresses off?

gazing at all these amazing creations.....

O..speaking of 'tai-tais',they are the highlights for the show. Glamorous socialites on the runway..

Perfect Walk, perfect skin, perfect dress....

Perfect poses,perfect face..and of course their.....MUST HAVE HUMUNGOUS OVERSIZED BIG HAIR!!

Look at that!..Thank God im not sitting behind them..

Beautiful Singapore top model, Sheila Sim putting a graceful full-stop at the end of the show..

victoria secret's show?

Francis Cheong!!and delighted Dick Lee at the back..

After show at mimolette and MOS. Nicole..

Sat spent with bp, watched Arthur and the invisibles (not shown in s'pore) Nice show!!

Can't wait to see her on wed!!We gotta jog and eat our complimentary at Aranda!!