Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am sick most of the days..
I have nv seen doc so many times in my life...

I cant chimney-tize.
I cant eat chocolate.
I cant drink Mocha soya milk.

Im =( because......

Monday, July 27, 2009

Unknowingly… I couldn’t think of better start. Thinking is a mystery process. It can create beautiful things. When done wrong way you will start to think like me. We start thinking of something. The process of thinking starts and it finishes when you reach to a conclusion which you think is it’s end. This simple process is very complex but we do it unknowingly.Do not bother this space if you're sick of my life and my endless nonsense. I still love my people!

My weekend ended how i wanted.

today after work with my farmer bestie. She's number one cam whore queen!Ha..im kidding..dun be mad.

the new Ion.

one shopping paradise, even the toilet looks so chic.

Sat@ Pammy's PJ bday party!
I have never ever seen her sober.

wake up look

Rocker's belly

tropical gals..sweet..


Mad house!

Best ever Friday nite
Music is !!!!!!!!


WOW factor


never ending!
gonna finish up my swing tag now...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More of sports day.

picnic.Thank you Michies for yummy Sandwiches

with love..

with Smile and....erm...wats that?


workout we did.
we toned our thighs.

some preferred to tone their ass.
the arms.
whole body workout!Car sure can run. 7 k on the treadmill!

some splashing act.


after a long day, we're nv too tired to party!
galss getting readee!

no butter for me today.Just beer/after 8/kinder/chips/card games /yummy cockroach gummy candy
and whole loads of friends@lacilia's place
and she wasted my blusher..Ha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sports us jumping!!

Ah Lu.LOve.

Sexy mahjong tile, moustachy lu and nutty me.
More pictures from sports day pls pls!

why am i here so early?
Cos i overslept and missed school at 9am...

I still have to work at 11.30am...
Hai..gonna get ready..Hungry hungry hungry....


Monday, July 20, 2009

Im so tempted to put one of these gals on my back..what i mean is portrait tatt...

I just cant enough! I just cant enough! I just cant get enough!!
cant get enough of holidae.

I cant believe im starting sch in less than 12 hours!
Im liking my new time table at the moment.
Mon: 2-7pm :(
Tues: 9am-11am :)
Wed: 2-5pm :)
Thurs:9am-5pm :(
Fri: NO SCHOOL!!!Wahaha!that means long weekends for me!:) :) :) :)
I reckon days like this will last..Soon i will be drowning in loads of projects again..
bye bye frol⋅ick⋅er

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I just came back!
droopy like mad..
ChinaOne scks today.Sucky music!
Sher and Car looked bored...Sorry for dragging you guys there..
I swear last week was so much better... :(.

But anw, sports day today was aweeeesome (minus some_____parts)....Burn those fays away...
Had so much fun with my homies...

;) :0 ;)
This song is stuck in my head...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling!!